False Claims About My Voting Record


Unfortunately, a letter signed by Mark Venner has been sent to voters in District 24 making assertions about my voting record that are NOT factual.  For the record:

  • I fully support the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, and;
  • I strongly oppose Obamacare which is a federal, not a state law.

Following are two excerpts from the letter followed by the facts:





FACT CHECK:  HB 1199 died in Committee — a Committee in which neither myself nor Rep. Rounds were members of.  I never had the opportunity to vote on the bill which can be viewed here on the SD Legislative website. Secondly, the bill had nothing to do with implementing Obamacare.







FACT CHECK:  HB 1253 died in Committee (I am not on the Committee).  Again, this is a bill I never had the opportunity to vote on as the above excerpt asserts. HB 1253 bill and its history can be viewed here.  Concerning HB 1010, this bill too died in committee and I never voted on the bill.

I will be glad to visit with any constituent who asks about my voting record.  However, it is appalling and sad to defend myself concerning votes attributed to me that never happened.

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