Should ALL taxpayers be expected to pay for a service that benefits only a few?


Another postcard arrived in District 24 mailboxes today, claiming “State Representative Mary Duvall isn’t telling the truth about her voting record.”   I would like to know what I have said about my voting record that isn’t true.

The topic of today’s postcard is that my votes for industry-specific fee increases, to pay for specific government services, amount to tax increases.  I disagree.  Industry-specific fees for specific government services are the most effective way I know to protect the rest of the state’s taxpayers from having to subsidize those services.

Of the bills on the list, most were supported by all three District 24 legislators: myself, Rep. Tim Rounds, and Sen. Jeff Monroe.  Most were signed into law by Governor Daugaard.

I welcome an honest discussion on any of these issues.

Thank you,



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