Polling places for Tuesday’s Primary


As Tuesday’s Primary Election day approaches, here are the locations of the District 24 voting centers:

If you are a Hughes County voter, please don’t forget the change from precinct voting to the new process of “vote centers.” You may vote Tuesday at any one of the following vote centers:

  • Blunt City Hall, 208 N. Main, Blunt
  • Harrold City Auditorium, 206 S. Nixon, Harrold
  • Hyde Residence, 31815 E. SD Hwy 34, Pierre
  • New Life Assembly of God Church, 1120 N. Harrison, Pierre
  • Pierre Indian Learning Center Rec Center, 3001 E. Sully, Pierre
  • Faith Lutheran Church, 714 N. Grand, Pierre
  • Lutheran Memorial Church, 320 E Prospect Ave, Pierre

If you are a District 24 voter in Stanley County, here are your polling places Tuesday:

Precinct 1 = Community Youth & Involved Center, Fort Pierre
Precinct 2 = McQuistion Farmstead/Shop Building, located along Mission Ridge Road (SD Highway 1806)
Precinct 3 = Hayes Hall

Hyde County voters in District 24 can vote on Tuesday at the Hyde County Memorial Auditorium in Highmore.

Sully County has three voting centers:
Agar Fire Hall
Sully County Phoenix Center in Onida
Bill Floyd’s

(Thanks to the Perry Campaign for compiling this information.)

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