An Observation from Mary’s Husband


Until two years ago I viewed campaigns from the outside looking in. Unfortunately, I am now experiencing the ugly side first hand as my wife, Mary, is under attack from an out-of-state PAC called the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR). This organization is claiming Mary is anti-second amendment which couldn’t be further from the truth. Mary received an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. There is no way in this post I can address the sheer mass of misinformation in these postcards.   However, the postcards do get one thing right. They say to contact Mary about her voting record. If you believe those postcards are credible, PLEASE DO contact Mary. She will be happy to discuss her voting record with anyone. You will find her far more accessible than a faceless out-of-state PAC playing loose with the truth while calling Mary a liar.

We have called Pierre home for most our adults lives, paid taxes here, raised our kids here, and like to think we have a good name in the community. This smear campaign on my wife’s character by the NAGR and by others funded through them is wrong and thoroughly disgusting. You are not going to find a more conscientious legislator than Mary when it comes to doing her homework on legislation. She is conservative and proud to put the name “Republican” on her yard signs.

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