Serving Central South Dakota


Duvall Announces District 24 Re-Election Bid

State Senator Mary Duvall of Pierre has announced her re-election bid as a Republican for District 24, which includes Haakon, Hughes, Hyde, Stanley, and Sully counties.  Senator Duvall is finishing her first term in the Senate, after serving the citizens in central South Dakota for four terms in the House. 

            “It has been an honor to represent central South Dakota,” said Sen. Duvall.  “For the past ten years, I have been an advocate for state employees, agriculture, transportation, and education. I am asking voters for the opportunity to continue working for them.”

            She added, “I am proud of the fact that the 2022 Legislature approved a six percent wage increase for state employees, teachers, and health care providers.  We made significant investments in infrastructure for water, housing, and higher education.  We have worked hard to make South Dakota a great place to live, to raise a family, and to run a business.”

            Sen. Duvall chairs the Senate Transportation Committee.  She also serves on the State Affairs, Ag & Natural Resources, and Retirement Laws committees.  This past summer Duvall chaired the Senate Legislative Redistricting Committee which added Haakon county to District 24.  In addition, she serves on the Water Development Oversight Committee which will be monitoring the $600 million investment in water, wastewater, storm water, and nonpoint source pollution propjets in South Dakota.

Duvall noted, “I believe an effective legislator needs to work hard to understand the issues, listen to those who know how a bill will affect our State, and find ways to develop consensus with others.”

            Sen. Duvall is a South Dakota native and a graduate of South Dakota State University.  She worked for 30 years on agricultural policy and communication issues with the state Department of Agriculture, the South Dakota Farm Bureau, and other agricultural organizations.  Her husband, Ron, works for the SD Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  They have two married daughters, and are active in their church.

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