Veto Day Highlights


Legislators gathered on Monday for Veto Day, the last official day of the 2022 Legislative Session.  Governor Noem had vetoed three bills; all three vetoes were upheld. 

In the Senate, we sustained the veto of SB 151, which would have provided for an automatic expungement of class 1 misdemeanor convictions for marijuana possession.  Current law already provides for automatic expungement for Class 2 misdemeanors after five years.  This bill would have added Class 1 marijuana penalties to the automatic expungement statute. 

Current law also provides a process for those wanting to have convictions removed from their record.  The Department of Corrections has an online system for a person to request a pardon.  This is free and does not require an attorney.

On the House side, members upheld the veto on a bill to authorize pregnant minors to authorize consent for medical care, as well as on a bill dealing with how federal money is accounted for within the general appropriations act.

A new bill was passed on the final day.  SB 213 amends the current year budget to allocate an additional $20 million in one-time federal funds for long-term care facilities with Medicaid populations. 

There were two attempts in the House to suspend the rules to introduce new bills on the final day.  One bill would have provided a gas-tax holiday, which would have cost the state highway fund an estimated $30 million; the other would have prohibited businesses from requiring employees to have a COVID vaccine.  Neither bill got the required two-thirds votes needed to suspend the rules.

The Legislature’s Executive Board also met Monday to select interim summer study topics.  Three were selected, dealing with jails, juvenile justice, and property taxes.  The scope of these topics will be further refined at the next E-Board meeting in April.

As we head into the interim portion following session, anyone with questions or comments should feel free to email me at

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