Working for South Dakota


It has been an honor to serve the citizens of central South Dakota in the Legislature, for four terms in the House and now one term in the Senate.  My guiding principles have been the traditional conservative approach favoring limited government, free enterprise, personal responsibility, strong families, and local control. 

Outside groups try and sell us more laws that affect you – by using soundbites and slogans.  Working for you is too important to make decisions that way.  I believe that a bill should never be judged by its title, nor my position on an issue dictated by a soundbite.  I have constantly worked to do my research and understand how a bill will affect our families and communities.   Thanks to strong relationships established over time, I have been able to work closely with others to ensure fair taxation, responsible government spending, support for state employees, and a good business environment.

Taking care of our roads and bridges and supporting rail transportation benefits all South Dakotans.  As chair of the Transportation Committee, I have worked to promote a good state transportation system by carefully using your tax dollars. I also serve on the State Affairs Committee which typically tackles issues of statewide importance such as bills this session to ensure election integrity.

I’m a ranch kid who graduated from SDSU with a degree in Agricultural Business.  Serving on the Ag and Natural Resources committee ties in well with my ag background.  Working with leaders in agriculture from throughout the state, I have persistently encouraged my legislative colleagues to make sure the laws we pass and the initiatives we support are good for farmers and ranchers.  This includes things such as the Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory at SDSU and the Bio-Processing Institute which will develop new uses for the crops and timber produced in South Dakota.

I have been married to a State employee for nearly 35 years.  I understand the value of the work done by State employees – and the personal sacrifices they make – to serve the citizens of South Dakota.  As a member of the Retirement Laws Committee, I am committed to ensuring that we continue to have a fully funded, fiscally responsible retirement system.

I am asking the voters in District 24 for the opportunity to keep working for you, to make sure that South Dakota continues to be a wonderful place to live, work, raise our children, and run a business.

I would appreciate your vote in the June 7 Republican primary.  Early voting starts April 22.

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