Attack vs. the Truth


At least the attack mailer that came today used a decent picture of me, unlike other years.

I absolutely stand by my votes to:

1) improve teacher pay and provide property tax relief (HB 1182 of 2016), and

2) keep our current sales tax rate when we are trying to improve State Employe salaries and help prepare South Dakota for the anticipated fiscal cliff economists are predicting.

By the way, the attack mailer got it wrong, which is probably to be expected from an out-of-state group. There was no HB 117 in the 2022 legislative session. Senate Bill 117, when I voted on it, was an act to streamline government and eliminate unnecessary reports. It was amended in the House first to address fees collected by the Secretary of State, and then at the last minute to deal with the tax on food. I voted with the overwhelming majority of the Senate not to support these changes to the bill, especially because they happened without the chance for committee hearings and citizen input.

2 thoughts on “Attack vs. the Truth

  1. Susan Leach

    The smear campaign has really ramped up. You need to get the truth out or they’re going to convince enough voters to go against you. Please speak ouf or mail out!

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